New Data Center and Local Area Network

Jesus David Flores, Network Administrator

IT Project Management, Business Logistics, Installation, and Technical Support for the Physical Infrastructure installation of Network Data Center (MDF Room) and the Installation / Configuration of Server Operating Systems (Data, Messaging, Internet, DHCP, DNS).

• Market research company (Employer) was challenged with the Installation and Project Management of new Data Center (Main MDF Room) and Internet Research Services.
• I was involved in the Project Management, IT Coordination and Support within the IT Project Guidelines for the installation and implementation of Network Infrastructure.
• Support was also provided through the implementation of the Company's (Employer) Proprietary Digital Broadband Conversion tools and methodologies.
• Assisted with Technologies like: (VMware® and (ESXi), (Linux and Windows®), and Cloud Services (VPS and Network Load Balancing).
• My support and assistance to Senior Engineers with complex software solutions was part of the successful completion of new Data Center achieving Project deadlines.

Contributed to the Business Operations with IT Service Delivery in the following areas:

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